Video: What’s New in GENESYS 2020 R2

Video: What’s New in GENESYS 2020 R2

What’s New in GENESYS 2020 R2

Presenter: David Long

A fundamental strength of GENESYS is the autogeneration and automated maintenance of diagrams. GENESYS 2020 R2 takes this capability to a new level. While there is more to GENESYS 2020 R2 than diagramming, a best-in-class diagramming framework allows you even greater power and effectiveness in your communications. The new features are so easy to use even our CEO can do it!

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the new features in GENESYS 2020 R2, which allow you to:

  • Enhance formatting for diagram content
  • Hide diagram content (“eliding” in the language of SysML)
  • Use rule-based formatting for rich, effortless visualizations
  • Benefit from multiple views per diagram type to enhance communication and analysis
  • Leverage additional refinements to enhance your MBSE experience