Explore CORE

Explore CORE

Unlock the Power of MBSE

Utilize the historic strengths of CORE™ – a fully-integrated, model-driven solution engine – with the richness and usability expected by today’s practitioners. It delivers the user experience of a technical drawing package to complement the power of a model-driven solution, accelerating system development to “think speed.” It redefines communications and analysis by delivering substance with style and it lowers the barrier of entry to MBSE, aiding the engineer through automated model assistance.

CORE 9 Features

  • Unprecedented model management through cross-project relationships gives you virtually infinite flexibility to partition your team’s effort along process, contractual, baselining, and IT boundaries.
  • Seamlessly interface with IBM® DOORS® through the new DOORS Connector.
  • Enriched representations, including the state transition diagram and further enhancements, allow you to generate presentation-ready graphics directly from the engineering repository.
  • Systematic identification, management, and use of critical design parameters make it easy to reduce risk and increase efficiency.
  • Enhanced capabilities to monitor and exploit your system design.

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