CORE: A Proven Legacy, a Pioneer in MBSE

Thousands of projects and tens of thousands of systems engineers have relied on CORE since it was first launched in 1993. From the beginning, CORE embraced what today we call model-based systems engineering. Combining the power of a systems metamodel to integrate systems engineering with powerful view generators to produce diagrams on demand with guaranteed consistency, CORE supported a generation of systems engineering success around the world. While GENESYS is the right choice for organizations today, Vitech continues to support projects and clients who rely upon CORE to meet their systems engineering needs.

What CORE can do for you

Integrate systems engineering from requirements through test

Much as defining and controlling interfaces in system design is critical to a successful system, managing the interrelationships between data is essential to project success. Rather than partitioning requirements, architecture, and test across a multitude of tools, CORE provides integrated support for all of these critical aspects of systems engineering. Built upon a proven systems metamodel, CORE supports your systems engineering endeavors from first concept through the definition of behavior, physical architecture, verification, and validation. Engineer with confidence as you understand the mapping between problem and solution, the coherence between the behavioral and the physical architecture, the full traceability from concept to test. Respond effectively with native impact analysis for changing requirements and alternative architectures. Deliver project success with insight through integration.

Engage and inform with a rich library of diagrams autogenerated on demand

A fundamental precept of model-based systems engineering is “one idea in one place.” In place of data scattered across disconnected diagrams, spreadsheets, and documents, information resides in a coherent repository delivering an effective system source of truth. Amplify the value of that repository with diagrams autogenerated with guaranteed consistency. Stop drawing and maintaining diagrams by hand, leveraging CORE’s powerful combination of a proven metamodel with advanced view generators providing the diagrams you need with guaranteed consistency. Construct system behavior using an activity diagram, leverage an N2 diagram for clustering analysis, and review interactions through a sequence diagram. Delivering a wide range of traditional and SysML diagrams all autogenerated on demand, all with guaranteed consistency, CORE helps you communicate and analyze your information your way.

Reduce the barriers of entry to MBSE

Unlike some software tools adapted to MBSE, CORE was engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of systems engineers. Built by systems engineers for systems engineers, CORE is naturally aligned to the needs, analysis, language, and mental model of systems engineers. The result—a framework that naturally binds together the concepts of systems engineering, simplifying use, and easing adoption. It begins on day 1 with a drag-drop interface enabling MBSE in the language of SE. It continues throughout your project as you leverage the power of CORE without the need for programming, modeling specialists, or tool jockeys.

Enable continuous system verification with embedded simulation and design checkers

With CORE, your systems engineering work serves as a virtual systems prototype from day 1 of the project. Analyze the behavioral architecture with embedded simulation identifying deadlock conditions, timing issues, and resource contention early. As you refine your architecture, continue to simulate to greater and greater precision with push-button ease, ensuring a viable specification envelope for detailed design. Leverage the embedded completeness and design integrity checkers to automate the continuous identification of problems, ranging from unsatisfied requirements to inconsistencies between the behavioral and physical architecture. Sail through your design reviews with confidence borne from automated reasoning underpinned by powerful systems semantics.

Engineer from operational architecture to systems to verification

Connecting the fundamental recurring pattern of why (the statements of need) to what (the corresponding functionality) to how (the resulting implementation), CORE enables you to apply good systems engineering regardless of domain. The fundamental concepts and language of systems supports systems of all complexity in realms spanning defense, space, automotive, transportation, infrastructure, energy, medical devices, and even the enterprise. Move upstream to operational architecture, mission engineering, and even portfolio management with full DoDAF support. Improve the effectiveness of V&V as you define and analyze your verification system from verification requirements to activities to test configurations. Connect across the capability lifecycle to effectively and efficiently define the right capabilities and verify that you engineer the capabilities right.

Deliver real-time collaborative MBSE

Today we expect to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets in real time. Why settle for environments that mandate a check-in mentality to MBSE? CORE enables real-time collaboration, allowing your team to engineer concurrently. Underpinned by an information model guaranteeing consistency, changes propagate immediately, ensuring that everyone is working from the most current information. Embedded versioning, change logs, access control, and notifications alerting you to updates of interest accelerate your engineering as you work together to deliver system success.

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